NHS Patients

NHS Dental Charges

These are set by the Welsh Assembly Government and Dentists have to collect these charges which are then passed on to the Local Health Board. They form no part of the Dentist’s income.

The charges are set into 3 bands as follows:

Band 1 £12.40 charge

This covers examinations, x-rays, simple scaling. Any course of treatment which has one or more of these items.

Band 1 Emergency care £12.40 charge

This covers such items as temporary dressings; draining abcesses; recementing crowns etc.

Band 2 £40.20 charge

Any course of treatment containing any of Band 1 items PLUS any filling/s, extraction/s, root filling/s, denture additions/relines.

Band 3 £177 charge

Any course of treatment containing Band 1 and/or Band 2 items PLUS any crown/s, onlays/s, denture/s or other work involving a laboratory-made appliance.

You only pay the one charge e.g. if you have an examination, x-rays, fillings and a crown, you would pay £177 for the whole course of treatment.

We will give written treatment plans and estimates for all Band 2 and Band 3 treatments.

What if I am unable to afford the treatment I need?

Please tell your dentist, who will try to find less expensive alternatives for you.

What treatment is available on the NHS?

Under the NHS, we will provide all necessary treatment which we consider to be appropriate and clinically necessary to secure your oral health.

The NHS will not pay for treatment required for purely cosmetic reasons.

Dental implants are also unavailable.

Orthodontic treatment is only available on referral for patients under 18. The government have stopped treatment of less severe orthodontic problems on the NHS. If in doubt, please check with us.